RevIQ is Your Swiss-Army BI Team

RevIQ is a no-SDK solution to more revenue and better performance for mobile games. Our team of analysts, designers, and experienced game pros work with indies, studios, and publishers to maximize product revenue and player engagement. With best-in-class approaches to UX, UA, Monetization, Community Engagement, and Total Customer Lifecycle Management, RevIQ's team supports yours so you can get back to making great games.



Improving Your Games Across the Board

Write Your New Playbook

Write Your New Playbook

Understanding your needs, meeting your team

Assessing existing tools, systems, and data

Validating product KPIs and data quality

Modelling true game performance

Developing a comprehensive strategy

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Digging Into the Data

Digging Into the Data

Performing UX testing, focus groups, and competitive research

Validating qualitative issues with hard performance data

Optimizing capture of analytics, attribution, and player data

Analyzing baseline KPIs and segment key player archetypes

Developing core engagement models across game features

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Establishing a Gameplan for Success

Establishing a Gameplan for Success

Identifying high-yield, low-cost opportunities to maximize player spend across every segment

Developing a concise, iterative product development roadmap to build on continued success

Implementing best practices for player engagement, social activation, long-term retention, and blended monetization

Deciding how RevIQ's team supports your own to maximize long-tail ROI

Committing to a relationship for ongoing development, exploitation, and reporting

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Building on Continued Success

Building on Continued Success

Designing, developing, deploying, and testing new features and changes rapidly

Responding to player feedback, product performance, and industry trends for continuous improvement

Analyzing improvements and changes in near-real-time to guide next steps and deeper investigations

Identifying potential opportunities to delight players and drive increased revenue

Measuring product returns in a decision-driven environment to maximize margins

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Long-term Planning and Product Hand-off

Long-term Planning and Product Hand-off

Continuing design of new and updated features to maximize player monetization

Reporting on product success and player feedback regularly to keep you in the loop

Supporting live operations with our partners in QA, CS, Community Engagement, and more

Handling total customer lifecycle management, from acquisition to churn-out

Supporting your new product development with investigations and research in existing titles

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How Does RevIQ Help?

Now that the Free-to-Play gold rush is over, making rewarding and engaging games isn't about just making a good game any more. Even skilled designers and developers need to be good at dozens of different, yet complimentary, skills to compete at a global level.

Make Sense of Your Data

When it comes to F2P, there is no "silver bullet" solution to success. Instead, capitalize on the data you already collect. Get answers about players and trends you never thought to ask, all without installing another SDK.

Separate Signal from Noise

Every user is a diamond in the rough, waiting to be found. Don't fit data to match unproven red-herrings. Validate design hypotheses, receive actionable data, and be the design hero your players deserve!

Telling the Whole Story

Understanding your players takes more than KPIs and SDKs. UX specialists, feature designers, and community managers supported by big data acumen means delighting your players - and your accountant - aren't mutually exclusive.

Generate More IAP Revenue

Find players that spend and give them more of what they want! Generate new content and leverage existing features to make the most of what you already have. Incentivize additional spend with discrete offers, valuable promotions, and special events unique to each player.

Maximize Your Total Revenue

IAP's aren't the only way to drive revenue. Payers who play - but don't pay - still drive product success. Best-in-class practices for incentivized ads, cross-promotion, and cross-network play build more total revenue without a hangover in IAP spend.

Build a thriving community

Turn players into fans and fans into ambassadors. Full-service customer engagement and community management teams minimize friction and catch issues before they become problems. Keep the players - and payers - you already have.